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Yeast Conversion Sheet

Fully functional extract  from the metrics baking spreadsheet

This sheet is a fully functional sheet that converts yeast types and how it is measured through three simple actions
  1. Select Yeast type from the dropdown
  2. Select Measure type from the dropdown
  3. Enter quantity desired
Results are given in “Fresh” “Active” and “Instant” to compare and consider.

As an example

Selecting “Fresh” yeast from the dropdown and “tablespoon” from the measure type, then entering the unit desired in this case 3(three) will return each type in its equivalent gram amount
Fresh = 25.50g   Active = 12.75g   Instant = 9.45g.
As there are many conversion rates online and not all are as accurate as they should be. The conversion table can be modified to suit your preferred conversion values. Just add the conversion value in the appropriate cell and all formulas will calculate the results based on this.
Selecting either of the logos or the information once the sheet has been downloaded will open the main metrics baking website where a fully functional spreadsheet sample can be downloaded. (Access to the yeast converter is limited in access – No bespoke conversion values permitted)  
Some other conversion tables and end-user input sections in the sample spreadsheet are either unchangeable, restricted or reduced. Nevertheless, sufficient data entry and update points in each section are accessible. Additionally, the functionality of the sheet is identical to the full version. (Apart from the annoying logo placements and a few grammatical errors – Well it is a sample after all!).
As is normal practice, the downloaded file may display in a protected view depending on your settings.  If this is the case you will need to “Enable Editing” to utilise all the functions associated with using the spreadsheet.
Please check out the reference tab for further information on areas within the sheet accessible. Help guides and support information can be found in the sheet and here online.
Final note – All versions of the spreadsheets are completely macro-free.

Metrics Baking Yeast Conversion Sheet

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