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Loaf - White Pullman Loaf
Pullman Loaf Recipe

Pullman Loaf – White

This guideline sets out all the ingredients weights & percentages necessary to create a white Pullman loaf based on a recipe from Jeffery Hamelman.


This recipe has been calculated by using the built-in Alternate Bakeware Calculator. By selecting the original recipe. In this case, Loaf - White (Pullman - 13")/Jeffrey Hamelman (Method 1) Then selecting New/Alternative Bakeware (Pullman 8" Lid on) a new Total Dough Weight, is returned, which you enter into the Revised Total Weight (RTW) of the 13” Pullman.
You can either use the RTW on the original recipe or create a new row recipe & baker reference i.e. Jeffrey Hamelman (Method 3) as displayed here.
Copy times, recipe notes & extra baking notes as necessary to complete, as seen here & bake as per the method found Here  
The same arrangement used to “scale up” a recipe from an 8” to a 13” Pullman is shown on the right. Using the “new” ingredient weights you can bake the original. 
There is a slight adjustment on TDW from the original book recipe due to the conversion of fresh yeast to Instant

The PDF layout shows

  • Recipe & Baker Reference

  • Total weight, Yield, & Portion weight

  • Bakers percentages

  • Revised weight, Yield, & Portion g

  • Recipe Notes

  • Workflow Times & Temperatures

  • Extra Baking notes

  • Bakeware used

  • Hyperlink & Star rating

Percentages are shown for

  • All Flour

  • Main recipe

  • Hydrations

  • All Ingredients

  • Overall Total

Recipe Notes
Notes contained in the example, duplicated below are an aide-memoire, not the full method.
You can change these and any of the above in the sheet.
Place all ingredients in a stand mixer and mix until a medium consistency is achieved.
After the first proof (1-2 hrs.) Pre-shape into a blunt cylinder, and rest on an un-floured work surface for 15 minutes. when relaxed, (Dough that is!) final shape into a cylinder. Oil pan & lid. Place dough in Pullman. Slide the lid on & proof. When the dough is about 1 cm from the top of the pan, close the lid, and load it into the oven.
Remove the bread from the pans soon as they are unloaded. If the loaves remain in the pans, they sweat from condensation.
Baking Notes
Bake for 30 minutes. Remove cover & bake 10 /15 minutes more until golden brown. Its internal temperature should register about 210°F on a thermometer. 
Don’t forget to remove from pan soon as baked!!
Source details are from various locations; However, the initial inspiration for the bake is from but not limited to Jeffery Hamelman - the baker's book of techniques and recipes. (Full method found Here )
This recipe does not form part of the sheet. However, you can use the pdf picture as a workable sample to check out the sheet's capabilities. For more information jump Here


Top Tip

If you are experimenting, use several rows in the sheet, choose the same recipe name & change the baker reference. Bake & compare to make your perfect loaf.
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