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White & Wholewheat Poolish Loaf

White & Wholewheat
Poolish Loaf

This guideline sets out all the ingredients weights & percentages necessary to create a White & Wholewheat loaf with Poolish



This loaf uses a mixer of both White and Wholewheat for the Poolish as well as the main Recipe.
The revised dough weight has been increased to suit the space available in the selected bakeware.
As the increase has caused a minor imbalance with the flour to +/- a round figure. They can be adjusted on the day if desired, however, this adjustment is minimal given the TDW. Additionally, if water is held back from the final mix to achieve the correct consistency, then it is inconsequential to the bake.

The PDF layout shows

  • Recipe & Baker Reference

  • Total weight, Yield, & Portion weight

  • Bakers percentages

  • Revised weight, Yield, & Portion g

  • Recipe Notes

  • Workflow Times & Temperatures

  • Extra Baking notes

  • Bakeware used

  • Hyperlink & Star rating

Percentages are shown for

  • All Flour

  • Preferment

  • Main recipe

  • Prefermented flours

  • Hydrations

  • Flour type distribution

  • All Ingredients

  • Overall Total

Recipe Notes
Notes contained in the example, duplicated below are an aide-memoire, not the full method. You can change these and any of the above in the sheet.
Refer to Times & Temperatures as part of the process
Make the preferment by mixing the water, a pinch of yeast & both flours.
Autolyse flour by mixing the remaining water, Wholewheat & White flour. Sprinkle over the salt & sugar & dimple in with a wet hand, then cover & hydrate.
Pour the yeast into the Poolish preferment, mix well, then add to the dough & combine. Tip out & knead using the stretch & fold technique. Cover & fold after 45min.
Fold & Shape the dough into a round loaf. Place in floured Banneton, Cover, and ferment until doubled
Preheat oven & bakeware (if using).......Bake!
Baking Notes
Score with a razor blade before adding to the bakeware.
Source details are from various locations; However, the initial inspiration for the bake is from but not limited to Charlie.

This recipe does not form part of the sheet. However, you can use the recipe card image as a workable sample to check out the sheet's capabilities. For more information on the capabilities of the sheet's jump Here


Top Tip

Generate Preferments: Sourdough, Pâte Fermentée, Poolish, Biga, etc. from the table included in the Change & Record section of the sheet
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