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Various loaves of bread

When Life Gives
You a Spreadsheet,
Flour & Water,
You Better Bake

Bakers Percent Re-Imagined

Spreadsheets & Baking Are Made For Each Other

However, figuring out the slightly complicated initial & overall Baker’s Percent can seem discouraging at first. Getting it onto a spreadsheet, maybe even more so.
What if Bakers Percent was re-imagined so that instead of dividing the weight of each ingredient by the weight of the flour & then multiplying the resulting decimal form by 100 to convert it to a percentage.
How about you enter only the weight of ingredients & allow a fully formulated spreadsheet to self-calculate all the percentages involved as a simpler way to reach the same goal.....?
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What's This All About Then?

A Detailed, Fully Formulated, Formatted, Self-Calculating Weight-To-Percentage Spreadsheet Complete With All The Functions Listed Below.


Separate ingredient sections for Soakers, Sourdough & Levain, Preferments (Pâte Fermentée, Biga, Poolish, Sponge, etc.). Main recipe with a variety of flours, wet & dry additions.



Built-in formulas re-calculate each ingredient's weight, displayed adjacent to the original recipe.
Percentages are maintained throughout when increasing or decreasing Total Dough Weight. (TDW)


View all recipes on one sheet with over 200 individual rows, giving the ability to add new, update old & compare numerous simultaneously. View both original & revised side-by-side.


Conversion tables are incorporated for Yeast, Temperatures, Customary to Metric, Volumes, Bakeware, Recipe Ratios, Ingredient Water Content. Including a Preferment Ratio Generator.


Preloaded drop-down selection boxes for choosing recipes, bakers and bakeware used.
Self-sorting of bespoke user-defined entries incorporated in alphabetical order in drop-downs.



Send, save or print to (tablet, pad, phone) in a recipe card format with workflow times & temperatures. Filter out "not included" ingredients and non-essential sections.  
Annotate pdf's on the go!


How's It All Work?

What makes this sheet unlike others is that it self-calculates Bakers Percent from ingredient weights added in grams, not weights from percentages.  An Effective Re-imagining!

Core formulas gather distributed individual flour types weights in each section to form the overall total flour (100%).
Each ingredient added to a section is calculated on that section's total flour as a percentage & the recipe card highlights these instantly as a running total as the recipe develops.
Pre Fermented Flour & Hydrations are calculated automatically then displayed in highlighted groups
The Revised Total Weight converts all displayed percentages to weight using in-built formulas, keeping the original Total Dough Weight in view
Changing a single ingredient in the recipe will redistribute all weights and percentages equally

The recipe card displays the percentage distribution of individual flours & all other ingredients used in the recipe.

The sheet collects information included in the additional features entered elsewhere & transfers it promptly to the recipe card​.

Add in the baked weight & the sheet will calculate the percentage lost through evaporation during the whole process!

Additional Features

These include​ Built-in tables, Calculators, Converters & Automatic transfers along with Information & How-to guides in most sections


  • Fresh, Active & Instant yeast converter
  • Preferment generator      
  • Cup, Tablespoon & Teaspoon converters
  • Water content percentage tables


  • Links to websites & documents
  • Star ratings
  • Workflow using real-time hours & minutes
  • Room, Dough & Oven temperatures
  • Recipe notes
  • Extra baking notes

A Recipe Reimagined!

A Complete, Detailed, Fully Formulated & Formatted, Self-Calculated Weight-To-Percentage pdf

Wholewheat & Rye Seeded Sourdough loaf

Pdf recipe card
White & ww rye gallery

Extracted Elements

Extract 1
Extract 2
Extract 3

Cooking up the Spreadsheet ready to bake! 

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